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we · drank · cachaca · and · smoked · the · green · cheroot

How to be a Grande Dame Continued: Dignity, Fortitude and Song

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The face I wish to present to the world, and, more importantly, to myself, has its own real beauty, dignity, fortitude and song.  By the time you finish reading my book, a guidebook written down by myself on the journey, you too will have this in your face, and not only your face, but your body; racked with pain though it might be; your spirit, your heart, and that centre of the belly that makes you a woman, the womb.  Even if you do not have a womb - if the medical people have taken it away in one of their enthusiastic attempts to make you blend in with their comfort zone that says the fewer Grande Dames in this world the better - this guide will put it back for you, because, let’s face it - the medical world is nowhere near figuring out the willpower of a true Grande Dame. 
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