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we · drank · cachaca · and · smoked · the · green · cheroot

Metcalf Rooke and Alice Zorn

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Buying food for the Metcalf-Rooke story party Monday night at Drawn & Quarterly, 211 Bernard West. I will be reading with Amy Jones and Rebecca Rosenblum. [info]zadcat  suggested chorizo from Jean-Talon Market, so will hoof it over there on the weekend to check out the chorizo situation, and to see whether those people with the divine sheep cheese are still there. Many market people were hammering away at new shelves for the big move indoors when I went there yesterday, and some vendors are seasonal. Dear One went on his bike today and came back with some Stilton, some Cambozola, and some very fancy crackers. Dan at Biblioasis has given me a nice little budget - must try to remember to include some green grapes with skins that crack and burst ice-cold juice, and maybe some crisp scarlet peppers.

One of our Fictionbitches, Alice Zorn, will read as part of Poetry Plus monthly series on Guy Fawkes Eve, Nov. 4, at the Arts Cafe, 201 Fairmount West, 8-11pm. Poetry Plus is an evening of poetry, prose, music and open mike. Here's what Rover Montreal says about Alice's stories:

"She speaks from the perspectives of both genders and various 'orientations', with the confused uncertainty of the young and the resigned wisdom of the aged. She depicts the assurance of the connected and the frailty of isolation not merely with empathy, but as if she had been each of these people. The result is like the performance of a musician who plays jazz and bluegrass and European folksongs, all in an identifiable and personal style … There is little in any of these stories that should be ignored or discarded; details come to us as they do in life, not strictly necessary to our understanding, but in some way enriching to it." 

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