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God as a Dog

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I've always loved seeing people with dogs dressed in pink sweaters. Today, on the second day of my year doing something each day that I've never done before, I decided to buy my dog a pink sweater and take him for a walk in it. I thought it might be best to lighten up a bit after yesterday's talk of the divine, though my love of palindromes reminds me of God as a Dog. 

They have a lot of nice sweaters at the Frip Prix on St. Hubert, and I chose the one you see my dog wearing in the photo below. Dear One and I escaped the wails of protest from a certain person at home, and took Buddy to see the posters at Cinema Beaubien, and to check whether the little park in that direction has its lovely skating rink ready. It was really fun to see how many people laughed and smiled at the dog. I'm a grim sort of person, so it is not often I get to walk along the street and make people laugh and shout happily to each other at the sight of me. A woman called her husband to their balcony, and in the park a crowd of children shouted that the dog was wearing the sweater of une vieille dame. Other people, Dear One noticed, said nothing as they passed, but laughed with their eyes. 

I'm starting to notice that when you do one thing out of the ordinary, it sets you up to experience extra new things. For example, while selecting my dog's sweater I remembered that for years I have been promising myself to wear something other than black. Sweaters at the Frip Prix are $4.99 each, so after I bought Buddy's I bought a second pink sweater for myself. When I showed up wearing it at home you would think I had returned with two heads. I also bought myself a red one, a green one and an orange one, and decided to see if I could stand wearing colours other than black for a whole week. That's my arm in yesterday's photo, and that black sweater is one in a long line of sweaters that I have worn to pieces in a sort of serial monogamy of sweaters ever since I can remember. Wearing my new pink sweater right now, I feel as if I'm emanating some pretty exciting new energy, instead of walking around like a kind of dolorous implosion.

Another extra little thing that has happened again is the addition of a gift from the universe. Yesterday the waiter at the little Indian restaurant gave me pakoras and chutney on a silver plate "as a compliment". Today, I got halfway home from the Frip Prix with my bag of colour and realized there was an extra sweater, a beautiful blue one that I'd thought I might bring home for my daughter, still on its Frip Prix hanger, accidentally hanging from a button on my coat, having departed the shop under the oblivious eyes of myself and the cashier. I know it seems hard to believe a person could walk half a mile with this sort of thing hanging off them and not notice it, but I can't help that. Maybe I'll pay for it next time I go to the shop, and maybe I'll wait and see if the universe is just trying to tip its hat to this idea of doing something utterly new each day. 
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On January 2nd, 2011 11:33 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Such an interesting resolution, to do something every day you've never done before. I'm curious about whether you have a list (even a mental list) of ideas or whether every day's new experience is a spur of the moment decision. Eventually some of these new things will require advance planning, I guess. Like booking tickets to Antarctica, say, or arranging for paramedics on standby when you try juggling torches. I look forward to reading about your exploits.
Lori @ www.shortandsnappy.ca
p.s. I'll show the photo of your dog in his pink, old lady cardigan to my little chihuahua in the hopes he'll realize his blue parka isn't so bad after all.
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On January 3rd, 2011 04:50 am (UTC), kathleenwinter replied:
torch juggling
Lori you're way ahead of me - I like the torch juggling idea very much and you're right, I started out with thoughts of spontaneity but I'm getting ideas that will take some planning. Unexpected notions are flying into my head. Thanks for your great response - I'm going to look at www.shortandsnappy.ca now.
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On January 3rd, 2011 02:20 pm (UTC), georgemurray.wordpress.com commented:
Me too!
Hi Kathleen, I'm going through something similar. In trying to redesign my life to fit my new circumstances I realized "design" is the problem itself. I need to maintain some control for stability reasons (and for the sake of what would be my bewildered children), but I also need to open myself to new things and live in ways that have to do with muscle reflex instead of always mental reflex. Not to say I'm giving up thinking, but that I'm sometimes going to look down that street I've never been down and take it, even though getting lost will cost me five or ten minutes of rational thinking and/or the things I'm obligated to do.

I think the universe rewards adventure and spontaneity by delivering more adventure and spontaneity. My resolution is to be less controlling and fearful of these things.

Being a rampant Ginger, I don't think I'll be wearing pink any time soon, but I do hope to find a metaphorical extra sweater hanging from my symbolic buttons soon.

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On January 4th, 2011 04:55 am (UTC), kathleenwinter replied:
Re: Me too!
Thanks for this. Yes, I like your idea that adventure begets adventure. What are your new circumstances?
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On January 4th, 2011 05:03 am (UTC), kathleenwinter replied:
Re: Me too!
Oh, G, A just told me. I didn't know. Now your post above has a new meaning for me. I send my love to you all and wish you the best.
On January 4th, 2011 03:00 pm (UTC), georgemurray.wordpress.com replied:
Re: Me too!
I know. Boo, eh? Still, it's as good as can be expected. Love to you as well.
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