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A Scary Day with Dreams of Haggis

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Today was a double-whammy. First, I met the notary and had him draw up my will. It felt really frightening to wake up this morning and know it was will day. I thought I was braver than this, but these were definitely the symptoms of fear: nailbiting, waves of dread, temptation to cancel the appointment. But I took the metro to his old-fashioned office, with its drab carpets and his receptionist who whispers incessantly to herself as she goes over people’s files. A woman my age sat with her ancient mother, while the receptionist took a call from Mrs. So-and-so desiring to know when the will search would be completed for her husband who passed away on January 12th. People were dying or getting ready to die, and I was one of these people. I did what I do in these situations – I remained calm and carried on. The British enclave of Westmount was a good place to do it. The hardest part of the interview with the notary was his outlining of possible heart-stopping scenarios I had not envisioned, concerning my wishes in the event that certain deaths might precede my own. The easiest part was knowing that this notary would not commit the glaring errors that would have been inevitable had I tried to make the will on my own.

This is also Rabbie Burns day, and part two of this, day 25 in my year of daily doing something I’ve never done, involved Scotland. Earlier I wrote here that I want to include my family in the world travels ensuing from my writing, and I’ve been invited to Edinburgh’s 2011 International Book Festival to present my novel Annabel. So today, after much searching for an apartment in the old town, I booked one in a heritage building with a view of the castle. It will be wonderful to take Dear One and our daughter for haggis at the White Hart Inn.

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On January 26th, 2011 12:25 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:

I so missed your column in The Telegram and enjoyed Annabel. Glad to have found you here.

Loretta Ryan
Mobile, NL
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On January 26th, 2011 01:11 pm (UTC), kathleenwinter replied:
Hi Loretta,
I'm delighted too! Welcome to my blog, and thank you very much for your kind words.
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On January 26th, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC), amandaleduc.blogspot.com commented:
Ah, Edinburgh ...
Hi Kathleen,

I was so overjoyed to hear that you'll be in Edinburgh for the Book Festival -- it's really such a magical time of year to experience the city. I hope you and your family have a fantastic time -- may the sun shine the entire time that you're there!

Once you've done the White Hart, you should try the veggie haggis at Dirty Dick's (on Rose Street). Whiskey cream to die for! (You should also try and get to Empire's, on St. Mary's Street in the Old Town -- Turkish fare rather than Scottish, but the upstairs mezzanine has comfy cushions and the most wonderful creaking stairs.)

Amanda xo
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On January 29th, 2011 04:19 am (UTC), 534mu5 commented:
what a fabulous drawing! and the news about edinburgh!!! wow... you deserve it all!
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