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White Linen

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I’ve known only two people who wore white trousers, and I had the feeling they dwelt on a planet different from mine. If I wore white trousers for two minutes, they would get smudged, or I would sit on some jam, or even if I did not sit on the jam, even if I just walked through the air and came in contact with no furniture, parts of the pants would soon turn grey. These people were not my kind of people – how did they get through the day and have those trousers remain white? They must be enchanted. I secretly hated them. But today, day 31 in my year of doing something I’ve never done before, I bought a pair of white linen trousers.

I did it because I’ve signed up for a reiki workshop, and my sheet of preparations specifies white or light-coloured clothing.
When I look at all the new things I’ve done in the first month of this newness project, it seems ridiculous that there is room in a single month for all these activities. But I have to say time has somehow expanded in the doing of these new actions. Yes, I’ve started going twice weekly to the weight room, track, pool and sauna at the Y, and I’ve begun yoga and acupuncture, as well as writing my novel and doing the usual daily duties, and now a two-day reiki workshop is coming up. But I feel as if I have more time than I ever had; that time might even be going backwards.
The reason I’m taking a reiki workshop is that about five years ago I had two reiki treatments and have not stopped thinking about them since. They so profoundly connected me with buried personal truths that I bought a book and vowed to learn more about the practice. But did I learn more? No. And I think I would have remained intensely interested in the subject but would never have done anything about it if it were not for this new resolution to act daily in some new direction. I’m so excited about putting my white pants on and going to the class, I’d do a cartwheel if I knew how. Maybe in spring I’ll find a grassy hill and someone to teach me how to do that cartwheel.
When I was a kid I loved paper dolls. You could experiment with the dolls, making them wear all sorts of unlikely outfits. Here’s my collage of me as a paper doll with new white trousers and a white t shirt to go with them.

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