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Couch Potato Meets South-East Asia

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Big snowstorm today, and I did not feel like going outside for day 33 in my project of daily doing some new thing. I felt like hunkering down on the couch under a cosy blanket. That’s me below, holding tickets to a documentary at Cinema Beaubien – a documentary that I gathered, from the French poster, would tell me about the isles and temples of Thailand; the Mekong River and the jungles of Laos; Halong Bay; and the mountains, desert and hidden tunnels of Vietnam.  I love documentaries and this little cinema is just a 20 minute walk through my neighbourhood. After two years in Montreal I decided I must have absorbed enough French to give the place a try.

Dear One could not accompany me so I enacted another “first” – I stood in the lobby and found a young man who wanted to see the film, and I gave him my extra ticket. 
It turned out the documentary had been made by two young backpackers who were presenting it to would-be travellers on behalf of a budget travel company. It was an unadorned account of dilapidated buses, perilous footbridges, rickety rails and high altitude, fly-specked meals piled on banana leaves. We sailed on the Black Pearl Junk in what looked to me like pirate-infested waters. The cinema was packed with backpacker types of all ages, and I brought home some leaflets about Africa, South America, South-East Asia and Nepal. Now my daughter is reading these and telling me she thinks we should go to Nepal. In fact, she says, we should go and live there.
Uh-oh… One thing does have a way of leading to another, here in the land of doing one little daily new action…
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On February 3rd, 2011 01:27 pm (UTC), alicezorn commented:
I wondered if you would brave that weather to do one new thing--or if you might attempt some esoteric bit of housework that had never tempted you before. Bravo! I look forward to getting a postcard from Nepal.
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