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Reiki Part One: A Carrot for the Buck

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Hmm… I did not realize taking a Reiki course meant I would have to go through a secret initiation rite. 

I began having severe qualms before the class, as I soaked in a magnesium bath and prepared to put on my all-white clothing. It seemed like a good idea to register for the class a couple of months ago – I received two Reiki treatments some years ago and found they gave me a profound and mysterious connection to buried insights. But tonight in the bath I thought, who wears all-white garments? People with Messiah complexes, Rainbow Children, inmates of padded cells… the foreboding intensified.
In the Reiki studio my science brain clamoured as I perused the décor: green and rose walls, pink rocks with candles glowing inside them, sculpted stick-men holding hands around tea lights. Get me out of here!
The Reiki master switched on his playlist. It was probably called Celtic Visions and was undoubtedly meant to conjure feelings of tranquility. Even the word tranquility puts me on edge.  It was a Muzak version of a string of Irish chestnuts and I think I was the only Reiki student who knew all the sappy words… But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears… Sorry, Mr. Yeats, but you would have hated it too – I know you would.
Yes, I was once young and foolish enough to swallow a lot of religious claptrap, but now I don’t do it any more. As the secret initiation rite progressed, I felt more and more outraged that I had let myself be part of it. And this was just the first night – tomorrow there is a whole day of it. Will I sleep in and let the Reiki master keep my money? Or will I try to suspend my disbelief for eight hours, in case there is the slightest chance I might actually learn something? I know one thing: some of the characters and goings-on in this class will make a good scene in a piece of fiction down the road.
“Did they make you march into a cage?” asked Dear One, when I came home and told the family about the secret initiation rite. Dear One had arranged pizza and ice cold beer, and everyone was watching Die Hard. “Did they give you a piece of celery and a carrot for the buck?” He proceeded to interrupt Bruce Willis with an account of his own secret initiation rite into the Knights of Columbus.
A two-day Reiki class – what was I thinking!
But then I remember the Reiki treatments I had, and how they reverberated for days, even weeks, creating insight and healing.  I remember what I was thinking. I was thinking I might learn a skill.

So I guess this post will have a second part tomorrow… 

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