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Queen of the Silky Tootsies

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It’s hard to do something you’ve never done before if you spend half the afternoon napping. It was a real dead-of-winter day and I could have cheerfully stayed in bed for most of it as the temperature plummeted. There was a financial action I took for the first time today, and there are a few things about money I want to write about here because they reflect a new way it is behaving in my life, but I’d like to think about that subject some more before I write about it. So today’s new thing happened at the Chinatown Y.

I have noticed for some time that a lot of the Chinese women go around after their swim with a paper towel wrapped around each foot inside their flip flops. As they dry their hair and get dressed, they walk around the change room and the paper flaps around looking fairly silly and most ineffective. But I decided to try it, and tonight I can report it is a stroke of genius. It means one can get dressed without ever having to have one’s towel touch the floor. I have to confess that has been a nasty moment for me following each workout – the moment when I have to put my nice clean towel on the grotty tiles. With a paper towel wrapped around each foot and held in place by a flip flop, you never have to think about what might lurk on that floor. And when it is time to put your socks on, your feet slip into them, drier than possible with even the fluffiest towel. 
I promise to get all profound again after this spate of cold-weather napping. For now, just call me the queen of silky-dry tootsies, thanks to the brilliant women of Montreal’s Chinatown.

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On February 9th, 2011 01:34 pm (UTC), alicezorn commented:
wow, yes! a pretty good job on the toes, especially in the winter when most of us keep them hidden in socks. skin, cuticles, edges, colour! (or maybe it's your fancy soft-lens photography?)
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