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Don't be Nice, be Real

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I’m reading a book called Don’t Be Nice, Be Real. My Reiki Master recommended it. I was entertaining tonight. I’m not a great entertainer because I tend to get uptight – is everyone comfortable/should we move to another room/when are you supposed to put the hors d’oeuvres out/can I go to bed yet… There came a point where everyone had talked about hockey for some considerable time. Today, day 42 in my year of daily doing something I’ve never done before, I abandoned my guests and went to another room and curled up on the couch to crochet a necklace. Nobody asked where I was, or accused me of being weird, or even noticed I’d gone. Half an hour later everyone else graduated to the comfy chairs around me and continued talking about hockey, and I ignored them. It was great. I'm going to do it more often. The book is by Kelly Bryson. It's a pretty bad book but I like the title.

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