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A cranky post about tinned gravy

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Very cranky today. Phoned the Y to ask if the switch on the hot tub was working yet. Didn’t get a satisfactory answer. Realized I like it when everything is the same. Didn’t feel like doing anything different on this, day 45 in my year of daily doing something I’ve never done before. Sulked about the grey day. Rain turned into snow turned into rain. Older daughter came over broke and starving. Made a big feed of pork chops. Asked did they want me to make gravy. Dear One went to his stash and hauled out the tin of gravy you see in the photo below. I didn’t know there had ever been a tin of gravy under my roof. The only person, I snarled, who I know, who ever eats tinned gravy, is my brother Paul. I realized as I spoke that this was evidently not true. That can be your new thing for the day, said Dear One and the daughters. You can eat tinned gravy like Uncle Paul. But I didn’t. I made lovely real gravy with balsamic and Worcestershire and onions. Then I went to the Y and found out the hot tub was fixed. This helped my mood a lot, except the weird woman who is always in the hot tub was in it again, making her groaning noises. This time she talked to me directly. She wanted to know if I knew all the details about the new switch. I was afraid talking to her might unleash something. She seems like someone just waiting to be unleashed. But I hadn’t done anything yet today that I’d never done before. So I talked to the weird woman in the hot tub about the new switch. How happy I was that it worked. If I unleashed anything I haven’t noticed it yet.

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On February 15th, 2011 06:42 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Gravy - hot chicken= different
Hi Kathleen,

As you Québécois niece, I feel it is my obligation to tell you the difference between regular gravy and 'sauce Hot Chicken'. This sauce is always to be served over white bread with pieces of white flesh from the chicken. You never have it with beef of any kind- it would be a sin! Here in La belle Province, we call a hot chicken sandwich 'un hot chicken' and the St-Hubert version of the sauce is nothing short of iconic. Looks like DearOne knew that if you were to live here, among your neighbours, you needed a tin of this sauce. Good work DearONe and perhaps someday, later in the year, when trying something new becomes a real challenge, that tin will lead you to a great discovery :) COngrats on talking to the woman in the tub!
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On February 16th, 2011 12:09 am (UTC), kathleenwinter replied:
Re: Gravy - hot chicken= different
HA! Thank you, my dear niece, for this news. I admit I did wonder why the can said Hot Chicken. Also, I have been intrigued ever since coming to Montreal, by cheerful cars with yellow chickens on the roof. Is this the legendary St.- Hubert, and should I order some for delivery here soon? xo
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