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we · drank · cachaca · and · smoked · the · green · cheroot

Superhero at the Supermarket

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I recently bought a superhero cape. Today seemed like a good day to try it on, what with the success of yesterday’s Sexy Dressup Slumber Party giving me such a feeling of happiness. Plus, I noticed when I got home from the party that there was no food in the house except for a packet of Patel’s roasted eggplant curry, so I needed to go to the supermarket. What better place than the supermarket for a superhero?
At the supermarket the superhero cape had an effect on my purchasing desires. Yay spindly white Enoki mushrooms. Yay berry banana antioxidant juice and peach passion verbena orange tea!
I noticed when I bought the superhero cape people at home were hesitant to try it on. I had sort of hoped people might get excited about having a chance to wear it, and I was prepared to lend it out. When I left today for the supermarket there was no one at home. They had gone for a trip to the country. But they were back when I returned, and suddenly they wanted to wear the cape too, so I handed it over. It has not gone out of service since.
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