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The Proper Use of Broomsticks

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I found out for the first time today that if I neglect sweeping the kitchen floor long enough, someone other than me will eventually do it. It just takes other people in the house eighteen days, thirteen hours, twenty-seven minutes and seventeen seconds longer than it takes me to reach a point where one has no choice but to get out the broom. Not that anyone’s counting. I’m hardly an obsessive floor-sweeper, but I’ve never before been able to resist the urge to sweep up the crumbs before someone else noticed they were there. But today, day 55 in my year of doing new things daily, I realized I’ve been so busy going to strip spelling bees and sexy dressup slumber parties that I forgot to notice the floor! And, lo and behold, someone else has swept it and made it all shiny and clean! In my mind this is clearly a case where not doing something is as productive as taking action. Who cares about a few toast crumbs when you're skipping the light fantastic? Besides, according to the book on witchcraft I'm reading now, the only real use for a broom is to get you to Zanzibar.

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On February 25th, 2011 07:42 pm (UTC), kathleenwinter replied:
I love it! Thank you for that.
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