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A Wee Progress Report

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I think it’s time for a progress report on this, day 61 in my year of daily doing some new thing. In case you got an impression I’m becoming some sort of athletic person, let me admit that I have disappointed Mike, my personal trainer at the Y, who drew up a lovely work-out program that he thought I should attend to three times a week. I wrote, at the time, that I was secretly thinking I could do it once a week, and once a week it is, with the occasional second visit if I’m feeling particularly energetic. Some people are virtuous. Some people are thin and muscular. Some people look athletic, but I am not one of them. Still, I love going to the Y once a week, and my one visit is far more frequent than my nonexistent visits before I started this newness project. I went tonight, and I heard a mellifluous black woman sing every verse of Michelle. Someone had put the green padlock I left there last week in a place where I could see and recover it. I managed three repetitions of twelve bench presses instead of two. The hot tub was divine. 

Today was also the day of my second acupuncture treatment. I showed up in my new spring shirt, which happened to be the colour of Lao Tzu’s robes on the painting on the wall. Remember I decided earlier here to go a week without wearing my perennial black? I’ve never worn black since, and I’ve learned, through my Reiki class, about the energy of colour and its relation to the chakras in Eastern teaching. The lousy circulation that plagued me before my first acupuncture visit, with pins and needles in my legs and feet from long hours of writing, have gone completely, and after today’s treatment I felt aliveness, a palpable “singing the body electric”, in my hands, and I still feel it. I’m not saying I’ve become more enlightened, or more knowledgeable, through this daily newness project, but I think I have begun to glimpse what it might be like to live more in my body, instead of just in my imagination. As a lifelong writer and bookworm, that is saying something. This acupuncturist treats a client only twice. Then, if the client feels better, he teaches her, in a half hour session at no charge, how to self-treat acupressure points. So next week, if all goes well, I will see him for the last time and learn something new again.

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On March 3rd, 2011 09:08 pm (UTC), alicezorn commented:
Fun to be catching up on your posts, Kathleen. Belated happy anniversary to you and M. Dandenault. If you can't resist sampling food in stalls, well, my dear, don't go to Mexico where at least half the food in this enormous city is consumed in the stalls that line the streets. Breakfast tacos, mid- morning pastries, lunchtime tacos, mid-afternoon antohitos ("little whims"), roasted corn, more tacos, fruit cups, pastries... on into the evening. You'd have to take up residence. You'd never fit on the plane again.
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