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Dining for Doulas

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Dining for Social Change started in the Montreal living rooms of Rami Nijjar, Katrina Brandstadt and Diana Ramirez. Each month, they organize the making of a dinner for which guests pay $35, and all proceeds go to a greater cause. The idea grew too big for one living room's couches and cushions - tonight was my first time and the Tuscan meal happened at the Ukrainian Federation at the corner of Fairmount and Hutchison. Tonight's proceeds go to Montreal Birth Companions, which provides doula training and free doula services to low income women. Doulas give prenatal education, childbirh support and mentorship for women during their transition to motherhood. I like going to things like this alone because I get to meet people with the kind of freedom that comes only when you are not bound to a companion, and tonight I loved meeting the women at my table: two Mohawk women from Kahnawake, and a fascinating writer/documentary filmmaker and environmentalist - all of whom I hope to connect with again. I think it's just great that a quiet, simple idea, sharing food in your home, can turn into community activism. There was a small silent auction, to which people had donated artwork, handmade jewelry and other products, and I think next time I attend, I'll offer to bring some of my handmade bags, scarves or hats, and maybe a copy or two of my novel. I love homemade things that turn into community sharing. Thank you to the founders of this lovely idea. 

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