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we · drank · cachaca · and · smoked · the · green · cheroot

Eating Cactus

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Today, day 74 in my year of doing some new thing each day, I ate cactus at my favourite Mexican cafe. It was plump and wrinkly and I think it had been marinating for a long time in something sour. The waiter told me it's very good for your body. As I ate it I looked out the window at a forklift navigating some snowbanks and I kept triumphantly saying, "I am eating cactus." At the next table some young men earnestly worked out some sort of Survivor  type classroom design problem, and my "I am eating cactus" punctuated their "Make it a twelve foot column" and "Should it be square?" and "She wants us to take advantage of our limitations", and I slurped some Horchata and thought about Flagstaff, Arizona, and goats in the dunes, and the colour burnt orange. I am eating cactus... I am eating cactus... I am eating cactus...
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