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Where There's a Will

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Today is day 81 in my year of daily new actions. How quickly that number 81 arrived. Today I really feel I'm nearing the end of the draft manuscript of my murder mystery. It's a great feeling. I'm looking forward to taking a bicycling and walking break this spring - watching the leaves come out, and the magnolias. Cycling to Parc LaFontaine and watching the fountain, and going for seafood chowder at Chez Jose on Avenue Duluth. But today was the day I admitted in writing that there is a finality to all these blessings: I went to my notary on Rue Sherbrooke and signed the final draft of my will. Like many of my 2011 new actions, this one was hard to initiate, and I didn't feel like going today to sign the document at all. There is often a kind of dread associated with these actions - its intensity surprises me because the actions aren't exactly revolutionary - just new to me. Anyway, the will is done, and done properly, and it feels pretty good to have completed it in a sensible fashion.

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