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Bird Eat Bird

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After yesterday's grim signing of the will, I was elated to find myself busting a gut laughing tonight as Katrina Best read from her prizewinning story collection Bird Eat Bird at Concordia University's Synapse reading series. I continued to make antisocial guffawing noises and to spray tears of hilarity over everyone on the subway home as I read Best's story Lunch Hour about a pelican that eats a pigeon in front of horrified onlookers. Why didn't the pigeon try to escape from the pelican's mouth? "Perhaps it thought itself lucky to have landed in a cool cave and was admiring the grooved interior whilst enjoying a reprieve from the midday heat on this, the hottest October day on record." Then I began Red, in which the narrator wonders what to do with her sunglasses in the public toilet, fearing that if she leaves them on her head while she's in the cubicle, they might "fall right down onto my undies, which then act like a trampoline, bouncing them off onto the filthy floor, or worse, onto the filthy floor of the stall next door." I am only sorry the book stops at 166 pages and can't wait to find out what this author is going to come out with next. (Bird Eat Bird recently won the Canadian/Caribbean first book section of the Commonwealth Prize.) Judging by her delivery at the Synapse reading, I think she might also have a future in stand-up comedy. I was rendered helpless

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On March 24th, 2011 03:45 am (UTC), Susie Moloney commented:
Birds and such
Ha. Your telling of it was at least as interesting as the story, I'm sure!
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