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we · drank · cachaca · and · smoked · the · green · cheroot

Daughters in the Sun

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On day 85 I took both daughters out for separate flaneur times in Montreal's sunny spring. I asked Esther at Synapse reading the other night how her footwear was doing, and she put her green sneakers up on the chair and showed me a three-inch hole in the bottom of each one. So we went shoe shopping. First we had lunch at Chez Jose on Avenue Duluth. The coriander mussel chowder at Chez Jose is, we decided, like finding a fisherman in Spain who has converted a bin into a chowder boiler on the side of the road, and has thrown in the mussels from the beach down there and some wild herbs, and he's standing there all day with a ladle for the nomad kings who chance by. We shared a chicken avocado Swiss sandwich then took a bus to the shop where they gave me a $100 credit the other day when I returned the sleek handbag for the sporran, and found her a decent pair of sneakers bearing a tag that says Public Royalty. There was an overlap of daughters at Cafe Noir while we waited for Juliette to come out of the metro from school: she had recently fallen into obsession with the idea of acquiring a Pentax K 1000 just like the one I threw away in the move to Montreal. She was starved so there was another lunch involved: this time chicken quesadillas, salad, fries and pea soup. I did not have two lunches, but I did steal a few fries. Then we found her camera and I bought my first string of 108 sandalwood prayer beads. Daughters in the sun. Lots of food, lots of beauty.

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