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Mondiana Bread and the Roses of Mile-End

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 Every time I saw this bread at Mondiana I wanted to buy it then did not buy it because it seemed too frivolous: where were the slices for school lunch sandwiches and toast? How long would it last? And, despite the fact that the package lists 10 things to do with this bread including eating it with Turkish kebabs, I couldn't picture fitting it in with anything I cook. I picked up one of these loaves then returned it to its shelf many times. But today, day 88 in my year of daily new actions, I paid the exorbitant $1.68 and brought it home. Having demolished the whole thing I can now attest that despite its ambitious list, what the packaging should say is that you will pull off tender chunks of this bread and not eat it with Turkish anything. You will not stop thinking about it until it is all gone, golden piece by golden, exquisite piece:


On a spring note - just when I could no longer suppress the urge to bleat and moan about the cold, this happened: I celebrated with limonata and cafe au lait at Cafe Olympico, and bought myself a pair of honking big shades. Yippee!!!!!!!!!

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