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Outdoor Table

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Jean-Talon Market is starting to get its spring glory. Little nephew Leo was enchanted by the pyramids of lemons, limes, mangoes and avocados newly brought outdoors, glittering in the sunshine. Cafe In/Maison de Torrefaction will soon slide open its garage window so patrons can drink their bowls of cafe au lait in the open air. Every spring, there is a day when they put out the first table and chairs on the pavement in front of the cafe, but they had not done it yet. So I went in and asked if I could carry out that little bit of furniture. Yes, said the cashier, in French - just make sure you bring it back in after you are finished. So I brought it out, and Leo had a hot chocolate while his mother and I drank our coffee and ate croissants, then before we could return the table someone else sat at it. This made me happy.

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On April 4th, 2011 12:13 pm (UTC), alicezorn.blogspot.com commented:
I'll bet someone else sat at it! Wouldn't you?
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