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Ehrlich and Greenland

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Sometimes my new daily action is as simple as studying a new book, and today I resumed my Arctic studies on the train, reading the spare, precise prose of Gretel Ehrlich. This Cold Heaven chronicles seven seasons the author spent in Greenland. She recounts adventures of Knud Rasmussen and Rockwell Kent, and the fascinating Greenlandic and Danish people who have lived in that land where, Ehrlich writes, "My body was time and it had been hurtled through space a long way." I like the idea of the body as time. It fits with my own study of how we live not in material surroundings, but in mind itself. The word "environment" is of little use. There is no environment. The word environment denies that we live in mind. It presupposes that we are somehow points of greatest interest and other points, other things, surround us and envelop us and are our environs, when nothing could be further from the truth. There is no surround. 
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