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we · drank · cachaca · and · smoked · the · green · cheroot

Nepal and Raoul

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 Went to Kensington Market and bought a stone that had been split open then held together with an elastic band. The Nepalese owner said that in Nepal there is a white river where the water is as white as milk, and there is a black river, where the water runs black, and the stone came from the black river. Inside is a whorl, a spiral, a fossil. The idea is to crack these rocks open to find gold inside, and the fossils are a byproduct. When I paid he told me he got his Canadian citizenship this morning. Then I went down Spadina to Pho Hung for their sour mango salad with red onion, chili peppers and cashews, and a man in a safari hat sat at the next table eating a bowl of noodles. When he got up he wheeled a little suitcase and on it was a sign that said

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