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Shoeshine Kit

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I decided that in the hotel my new thing for the day would be to shine my boots with the kit that comes in the bathroom. Usually I look at that shoe-shining kit and think, who in her right mind would use that. But when I opened this one, it wasn't a shoe shine kit at all, but a set of emery boards and cotton wool. It had "vanity kit" written on it. I think hotel shoe shine kits may have been discontinued when I wasn't looking. 

A funny old man on the train handed me his big puffy headphones. 
"They're $500 but they're worth it. Here. Have a listen to the Canadian tenors. My machine is a twenty dollar machine but hear what these things do to the sound."

The appetizer came and I thought it was half a tart filled with grapefruit and charred cheese, then I realized the grapefruit, while looking exactly like grapefruit, was two slices of tomato.

I dozed off and woke to an alarming sound of many wasps which was really the funny old man using an electric razor. Every time an attendant came around pouring tea he told her with great exuberance that he did not know how she achieved her task. "It's amazing."

When I got home my husband had taken seriously my lamentations about our broken clothesline. He had bought and installed a clothesline whose pulleys glide so smoothly I wish I could make myself small enough to hang like one of my tea towels across the alley and glide, glide, glide past our fence and over our garden and up to the brick wall of our balcony.

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