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The Beautiful Blue Night Vision of Cows

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 Day 111: Found out that cows have beautiful blue stuff in their eyeballs that lets them have night vision. This is according to Juliette, who told us about it over the dinner table as I sliced a jumbo stuffed olive. She had spent the afternoon doing her first dissection in science class, and she itemized all the beautiful and amazing things inside the eyeball of a cow. I did not know the transparent lens inside an eye is spherical, as my dad made me take physics.

Day 112: Trundled a bit disconsolately on my bike to Parc Lafontaine and Duluth Ave. without Dear One, who decided to go work with Roberto on the neighbour's plastering. Had my favourite mussel chowder with coriander and ginger at Chez Jose, then went into that little shop that has toys for children whose parents don't want them to have any plastic, and bought myself some wooden blocks that showed the rings of the tree and clackety-clacked and sported peaceful markings found only in nature. Played with them for quite awhile. Went to my favourite Peruvian shop and bought a  very tiny lopsided bear made of alpaca.

Day 113: We went for Easter in the Townships and Dear One, noticing how much fun I was having with my new blocks, went with his saw out into the woods and cut some dead apple branches and roughed out more blocks which Juliette and I have been sandpapering. The question is, what to finish them with: beeswax? Olive oil? Something the plastic-free children can safely put in their mouths.

Day 114: Went in the barn Uncle Louis is going to move to a different part of the field, and found more toys to go with my new blocks: a wooden staircase for the Peruvian bear to sit on while I perform a musical interlude, and a paint-splattered ball Dear One says he thinks is the inside of a baseball. Have assembled the blocks, the bear, the ball, the staircase, and some other toys in this lovely old shoebox:

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On April 25th, 2011 02:21 am (UTC), Johanna Rocco commented:
i would love to look into that box. i love toys. johanna
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