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we · drank · cachaca · and · smoked · the · green · cheroot


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Days 135-137 were about new food. I made my first tajine, using the clay pot I bought at Jean-Talon Market: chicken, green olives, preserved lemon and spices. It was Dear One's birthday supper, and the loveliness of the clay vessel with the simmering ingredients made it very festive. Tajines were introduced to us by my friend Alice Zorn, who learned all about them on her Tunisian and Moroccan travels. (Read  her terrific author blog here:   alicezorn.blogspot.com/    You can see the tajine in the photo below, with some of the other food I've been trying for the first time: macadamia nuts from the roasted nut vendor, a sinfully fatty white creton, which Dear One has taught me how to eat in the correct Quebecois way (spread thickly on quarter-slices of dry toast), and some tiny black Beluga lentils, named, apparently, for their likeness, when cooked, to Beluga caviar. 

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