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Orange Undies & a Climbing Rose

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One thing I'd never done before is buy a pair of orange lace knickers, but I'm getting ready to go to the Orange Prize celebrations in London and I've decided to wear something orange each day I'm there. Naturally, since I'm normally a quiet/neutral sort of person when it comes to clothes, some of the orange duds will have to stay hidden or I'll feel far too loud and splashy. 

I've put some tomato plants and Italian squash seeds in the apartment garden, and tonight Dear One and I cycled over to the allotment and planted some chicory and, in the shady part, began my humble version of Vita Sackville West's white garden. But the new thing for me today was that I planted a climbing rose in our backyard. Climbing roses are so old-world and sedate - quite the opposite of orange underpants, in fact. This rose has fantastic thorns that keep our dog away and remind me of everything the modern world has tried to oust. We've lived in our Montreal apartment three years now, and I've finally broken down and realized it's okay to plant a climbing rose in a garden you don't own. Since I'm never planning to own a garden again, it feels strange and somehow subversive to bend down and smell the old-fashioned fragrance. Everything is temporary.

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On June 3rd, 2011 03:28 pm (UTC), Marilee Pittman commented:
Kathleen you have such wonderful ideas . I love the rose , although I would have suggested "New Dawn", an amazing soft pink rose that is profuse in the south. I love the undies and the idea of wearing orange every day. I so hope you win!
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