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we · drank · cachaca · and · smoked · the · green · cheroot

London Eye

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 Day 154 was Crossing the Water day - Esther and I got aboard the night flight and I found that it is possible to sleep with your legs raised and contorted on the folding food tray, especially if you've taken a couple of Dormex. Noticed lovely single-person pods with reclining chairs and foot rests on the way to the back of the plane: must investigate for future reference how many hundreds of dollars more it costs to have your own pod. The man in front of us did not like it when my knees touched the back of his chair as I wriggled out of my footless tights. He was doing Sudoku and he had a little plastic ruler with VAMPIRE written on it.  This morning after a 70 pound cab ride to our hotel we were turfed out until 2pm so had beans, bacon, sausage, eggs, toast and coffee at a place looking directly at The London Eye. Wandered in a stupor along the Queen's Walk at South Bank and signed Annabels in Foyles bookshop where I'm not sure they believed I wasn't a street person. We have crashed in the hotel room now and are planning to go to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen for dinner. I forgot my camera so will just have to make word sketches. We saw an incredible head of hair at the beans and bacon place. Imagine, if you can, a pair of duck wings plastered around the sides of a man's head, and oiled and combed most scrupulously, while at the top lies a little soft nest, a pouff of downy uncombed hair where perhaps a duck could hide a sweet little egg. That's it for now.
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