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Jesus Has a Dress Rehearsal for His Big Day

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Saw Jesus wearing his thorn crown and labouring down some stairs on Rue Jean-Talon, his cross on his shoulders. I got a good look at his face. He looked like my late husband, who fancied himself as that kind of guy but who made it only as far as being Judas in artist Gerald Squires' painting of The Last Supper. My current husband, who is not on the Jesus/Judas continuum, pointed out that this Jesus was practicing for next week. There was some sort of priestly director checking his watch and yelling at Jesus, and there were some very cold women and children dressed as Mary and her companions. When Jesus got down the steps and down the sidewalk a ways, an old Italian patted him on his shoulder to let him know he'd done a good job. I saw Jesus look sheepish and a bit shy. Even though he was only pretending, a scrap of glory had fallen upon him. 

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