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Akim and the Oysters

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Now that I've finished The Sketchbook Project and have sent my sketchbook off to Brooklyn, I've begun a new cahier of Montreal sketches - things I see on my walks around this fabulous city. Today I waited in a park for some pigeons to come near so I could draw them - there were homeless men sleeping on marble slabs, and a group of crusty punks joked around with  a pizza delivery man, thanking him for bringing them the pizza he was about to deliver elsewhere. One young man asked what I was doing.
"I'm waiting for the pigeons to come closer so I can draw them."
"These pigeons are always late. You want to go over  to draw the pigeons two streets over. Those pigeons are never late."
"Those pigeons are punctual pigeons?"
"Do you want to see my drawings?"
"Yeah. You have a beautiful smile."
"So do you. These are some oysters they had at Jean-Talon Market today."
"Man. You drew oysters."
"I'm a writer but I draw things when I get sick of words. I like making things."
"Wow. You're making me wonder what I could make."
"I think everybody can make something. You can make something."
"You're making me want to find my passion."
"Well make a song. Draw. Make something."
"Thanks! My name is Akim."
He went back to his little crowd and I heard him say, "No, she's not a cop - she's not a cop - man, you need to be open to more things. She's so not a cop."

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On May 1st, 2012 12:16 pm (UTC), Alice Zorn commented:
Punctual pigeons!
The colours of your oysters are colours I want to wear. Maybe you should be painting on silk?
[User Picture]
On May 2nd, 2012 02:49 am (UTC), kathleenwinter replied:
Alice in Oyster Hues
Yes, Alice, I can see you in these colours. Maybe you are a mermaid.
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