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Akim's Pigeons

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Before Akim joined his companions and after we'd talked about finding his passion, he said, "The pigeons are coming back. Now you can draw them." Then he discreetly left me to my task. The reason I needed pigeons you can see below - I'd finished a sketch of my favourite derelict building, at the corner of St. Laurent and Pins, and it needed a pigeon on top but I had forgotten to put one there. I love pigeons. I love how their necks splash a paisley cravat of purple, green and gold, and how their eyes glitter the colour of beer bottles in the sun. I love that they are doves, but plain doves, not fancy doves and never snooty. I hang around with pigeons a lot. I even write poems about them - if I can find my little poem notebook I'll post one later. I seem to have lost it. I might as well say I've misplaced my secret heart. What is wrong with my life that I wouldn't know where my little book of handwritten poems is? This is something I have to fix. In the meantime, here are Akim's pigeons, and the building with which they have now been sort of reunited. May my poems be reunited with me one day soon, before I melt into a rain puddle. 

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On May 11th, 2012 01:49 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
I too love pigeons, against my better judgement (they poop everywhere),I feed them all winter. Growing up in Milltown NB, pigeons were a constant. I love that oily rainbow plumage, also how they look at you sideways and their cooing....
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