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Unite to fight Bill C-38

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On August 20th, 2012 03:58 pm (UTC), Mary Humphries commented:
Stephen Harper and Quote for Brochure
Hi Kathleen,
This is Mary Humphries from ForestEthics. We spoke 2 or 3 months ago about your work and your opposition to the Harper government's evisceration of longstanding environmental laws. ForestEthics has been at the center of this firestorm which continues. We recently learned that the Harper government sent diplomats to speak to execs at the US companies we work with in an effort to undermine our success in getting these companies to avoid the use of tar sands fuels in their transportation fleets.

When we talked on the phone I asked you if you would be willing to provide us with a quote that reflects your thoughts on the Harper government's actions. Perhaps even the poem you have written on this blog would be good to use. In any case can you let me if you're still willing to do this. Your quote/poem would be used in a brochure that describes our story this year in battling the federal government.

Would have called to discuss this but your # was incorrectly transcribed in the notes I saved. You can reach me at mary@forestethics.org or 360-306-0415. Thanks so much Kathleen. And thank you for your work on this issue.
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