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Creatives United for a Sustainable Planet

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I can think of a lot of reasons why I want to be part of CUSP: Creatives United for a Sustainable Planet. Everywhere we look, there is a need for artists, writers, musicians, craftspeople and any humans who make or create, to be able to join in an unofficial, unpapered, underground, untaxable, unpindownable coalition to speak out for the planet and for everything we love in the natural world, including humanity. The only problem is that until I imagined it, CUSP did not exist. So I made this torn collage unofficial logo. I mean, even the government of Stephen Harper is only a torn collage of an idea. It's a pretty catastrophic idea, but no more substantial than mine. Less substantial, really, if brain-dead nutcases stopped believing in it.  I was thinking about Elizabeth May in her green warrior stance standing up to the Harpies as they try to push their nightmare Bill C-38 through the house of commons, and it occurred to me that while green is the colour we no longer see in agriburgers' CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) or in the used-to-be boreal forest around Athabasca, green is still and always will be the centre of the rainbow, unless we manage to annihilate rainbows as well. Elizabeth May, I hope you're eating plenty of vegetables so you don't collapse on the warpath. But you're not alone. I sense we're on the CUSP of a new way of thinking and acting and being.

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