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Jane Franklin's Pantalets

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One Arctic lament has a theme whispered in Ecclesiastes: "That which is to be, already has been..." Northern terrain contains hieroglyphs of past, present and future, bound in one imaginative vision: lichen, skulls, the living and the dead. Here are French silk stockings, corset and linen pantalets Jane Franklin might have worn as she dressed to wonder where in the name of God her husband John had gone, in his ship named after that territory we travel immediately after death. What kind of a name was Erebus  to give a ship, and how much more money would she have to raise to find poor John? 

Jane Franklin's pantalets and French silk stockings 300dpi

Jane Franklin's corset and Erebus 300 dpi
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On October 6th, 2012 01:03 pm (UTC), marilee pittman commented:
jane franklin
I hope you are writing and illustrating a children's book about "poor Jane Franklin"
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