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Dream Journal

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I decided, enough with not remembering my dreams, enough with never learning from the subconscious. Keep a dream journal and record these dreams. I have had no experience of remembering dreams or even fragments of dreams since I was a child. So keeping the journal was and is an act of faith. Last night I decided to keep a notebook and pencil by my bed, and to write any fragment I remembered, even if only a wisp. So here is dream one, and, because it was kind of exciting if tinged with doom, I went back to sleep and dreamed dream two, also below:

The Out-of-Control Aircraft
I'm in a small aircraft - it's a dire situation: we are flailing about catastrophically, in a wind and rain storm. A door has flown off the plane. We are careening madly. I am desperately trying to hang on, save the aircraft, prevent me and my passengers from being sucked out. Every now and then I witness, below in a garden, a woman with hair piled on her head, wringing her hands and trying to get my attention: I think her son is on board with me. We are, inside, as if in a living room of a house. The child passenger points to a corner of the ceiling: "Why is it full of cockroaches over there?" the child asks. One of the cockroaches, hanging from the ceiling calmly, is labeled like a biology specimen. I get the plane's vacuum cleaner, aware that vacuuming the pests will neither kill nor get rid of them, but I do it anyway, only to find the vacuum cleaner is blowing out air, not sucking it. 

(Notes: Trying to fix an unfixable situation. My question, before going to sleep, was how to save the planet)

The Flying Stick that Becomes a Snake
I was a man on the ground, a bit phlegmatic - but had the ability to fly on my cane, which I pretended helped the phlegmatic man walk, when I was with people not in the know. In fact, alone and with the cane extended, I became a woman who can fly, at will, over the city. If I hold it in the right way (by its curved end) and point it confidently, it pulls itself or is pulled up and away. Phlegmatic though he may be, the male counterpart sometimes carries, among people not in the know, a giant anaconda or some other such snake, around his neck nonchalantly, and this is considered suspect and eccentric, though no one realizes the snake is actually the cane transformed. Although I think there may be a male friend who knows this secret, now that I remember the dream again.

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