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we · drank · cachaca · and · smoked · the · green · cheroot

Photo Essay of my Neighbourhood with SWAT Team, Tactical Squad, Baguettes and Maconnerie Elegance

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We woke this morning to police tape around our block, SWAT team with megaphones and a chopper overhead - someone had, apparently, left a briefcase on top of a car a few doors down from our apartment. Police evacuated our block starting two doors down from us. They asked us not to walk on our street, but to take the back alley, or ruelle. Here are photos I took when I ventured out to take a look. What impresses me is the neighbourhood insouciance; the baker, the construction workers from Maconnerie Elegance, the habitues of the Cafe Molise, all in their usual places but talking with one another, playing for the camera, refusing to be or to act in any way afraid. The friendly cop, Nathalie, told me the big red bus was for anyone evacuated on our street who needed a place to go. The last photo shows a dad leaving with his child in his arms, now that the tactical squad has dismantled the package.

corner cordonedinterdite tape with police cartactical squad portraitCTVhabitue of Cafe Molise in front of the sinistre busBelle Blue bakerNathaliemy barred street with bicyclistMaconnerie EleganceConstruction workers balcony seatconstruction workers undeterredBundling up the tapeBaby leaves bus
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