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Quantum Holograms: Envisioning a sister

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My friend Bonny suggests writing down what I would do with a sister if I had one.  Bonny works with what she calls Quantum Holograms.  This is the filtering of insights, energy, information and data that travel through space, psyche and time, to reach clearsightedness, or knowing; other words for clairvoyance.  She says if you write down emotional/relationship realities or visions clearly, it is amazing how quickly they will crystallize into reality.  I have done that with writing goals, and it has worked.  So here goes with the sisters.

If I had a sister we would laugh our hearts out on a sunwarmed bench outside an Italian store where they sell packets of scarlet runner beans for planting, and Italian soap, and coffee.  We would not need to explain or even speak the last halves of most of our sentences.  We would give each other energy.  It would feel like being in love.

If I had a sister we would phone each other when we were lonely, and we would never have to be lonely again.

If I had a sister we would sing in harmony.  We would learn new songs and we would harmonize songs each other had written.

If I had a sister there would be no uncomfortable moments about money, or rules, or boundaries.  We would know where the other stood and we would never have to move out of a wholehearted respect for one another.

Did I mention how we would laugh?  We would laugh belly laughs, but mostly we would laugh from the heart, and we would understand the stars.

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On August 27th, 2008 08:33 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
This is so beautiful. If this won't conjure her up, nothing will.

Gab xxoo
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